Maximum Value for London Homes

Getting Maximum Funds By Selling Your House To A London Property Buyer

London Property Buyer - Lease OptionIn today’s economic climate, property owners are frequently finding it impossible to find a buyer for their property due to the lack of potential house buyers, or, at minimum, are experiencing a lengthy selling process full of bottlenecks in the chain or complications from their house buyer. This can be highly stressful when you need to sell quickly in order to meet your commitments, whether they are financial, personal or business.

Unlike other London property buyers, at Sell My House – Fast – London, our aim is to ensure that you achieve a fast house sale, for the maximum amount of cash possible. Not only this, but unlike many of our competitor property buyers, your selling solution will be tailored to your exact needs, whilst guaranteeing that the whole selling process will be effortless and economical for you.

Some of the problems that our selling solutions can help to resolve include:

  • You would like to receive the current market value of your home, no matter what the state of the property market is in the future
  • You no longer wish to be a landlord, and would like to sell your property whilst receiving maximum profit from the sale
  • You would like to move to a new home, but your current property has very little or no equity left in it
  • You would like to move home and achieve a house sale before your next mortgage payment is due
  • You require a cash lump sum in order to move
  • Your home is at risk of being repossessed
  • Your mortgage payments are currently unaffordable

Whatever your reason is for wanting to sell your property fast, at Sell My House – Fast – London, our team of highly skilled property purchasers are here to help you. Our solutions will often incorporate a lease option, whereby we agree to purchase your house from you now, giving you the reassurance that you will receive its current value, no matter what happens to the property market in the future. The lease option means that we will rent your home from you, ensuring that both your monthly mortgage costs, and any general maintenance works to the property, are covered up until we complete on the sale, thus allowing you to move out immediately and free yourself from any further maintenance costs and mortgage payments. You then grant us the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the property at a pre agreed price in the future.  Though using lease options to purchase residential property in the UK has only been around a few years, lease options have been used for a longtime in America and Australia and they have been common practice in commercial property purchases worldwide for centuries. When we do exercise our option to buy you will make a profit that you would not of been able to make had you tried selling your property today.

Our solutions allow you to move out of your existing property quickly so that you can start your new life, without the stress of paying your existing mortgage payments. This is increasingly becoming a popular and workable resolution for many owners who need to secure a sale quickly, but are experiencing problems with doing so.

At Sell My House – Fast – London, we are proud of the highly efficient and ethical solutions that we offer to our clients. The selling process is extremely fast, often moving from offer to signing the paperwork with your solicitor within a matter days. In addition to this, there are very little fees to pay, as our valuations are free and no estate agents are required.

For a perfect London Property Buyer proposition for resolving your fast house sale needs, complete the Sell Now Form or call us on +44 (0) 20 3012 3457. In no time at all, Sell My House – Fast – London can assess your current situation and property, provide you with a unique solution for buying your home, and explain our lease option to you in greater detail.